sábado, 13 de junho de 2009

(A)trair (a)tenção

For Emma, Forever Ago
(by Justin Vernon, Bon Iver)

'After the breakup of a band, relationship, and bout with sickness (mononucleosis), Vernon left Raleigh and moved back to Wisconsin spending three months at his father's cabin in the northwoods of Wisconsin. According to Vernon, it was during this time that the "Bon Iver" moniker first entered his mind; while bedridden with mononucleosis, he began watching the television series Northern Exposure on DVD. One episode depicts a group of citizens in Alaska, where the show is set, emerging from their homes into the first snowfall of the winter and wishing one another a "bon hiver" (French for "good winter"). This was initially transcribed by Vernon as "boniverre"; however, when he learned of its proper French spelling, he elected not to use it, deciding "hiver" reminded him too much of "liver", the location of his illness at the time.

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