terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2010

C.S.I?! Não! 30ROCK!

I knew this would come up as an obsession, at least for me. I had previously read about it on Dorothy Surrenders, the greatest source of smile-maker-gossip-knowledge-in-the-whole-blogosphere (written specially for lesbians but, although, still entertaining for all women). I always take advantage of my extreme difficulty (or should I say laziness?) in buying or getting borrow this hilarious series. If it wasn’t for this precious attribute of mine (and my lack of money), I'd get lost in TV productions and wouldn’t know a thing about ischemic colitis (for instance). [well, I’m losing the point] The thing is: my incredible series lover friend, who lives under the same roof as I do (which is, for certain, a big issue) has got them all! Or… almost. And I’m starting to think she must be arrested for borrowing me this stuff. I’m now struggling for the next dose.

I got a thing for Tina’s Fey, especially when she’s wearing glasses. Her hard-working, uncomplicated way of dressing and accurate cleverness has got me crushed. Well, at least cinematically.

Thank God there are still a lot of episodes to see. Hopefully 30Rock will be the second Friends, with 10 series made for hungry students who-don’t-know-what-to-do-when-they-should-be-studying-hard see.

Let’s hope so!


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cegonhagarajau disse...

Vais mas é estudar!
O que nós inventamos para fazer quando não nos apetece trabalhar!
Eu tb sou assim :)