domingo, 28 de março de 2010

I did tried hard this time

I confess that, until the last 15 minutes, I kept undecided about who would turn up to be the bad guy in Angels and Demons. I knew there was a chance to be the Cardinal or one of the cops but, honestly, I never suspected Ewan MacGregor. I mean, he was too romantic while fulfilling of Nicole Kidman’s heart in Moulin Rouge, why would he change that now? He becomes a priest, for God’s sake! Maybe I should have mistrusted him for that exact reason: a guy must be out of his mind to love God instead of Nicole Kidman, right? Nevertheless, at the end it all became clear and my inexistent cinematographic sixth sense was kept in silence (making sure no one would ever find out about him).

I have never read Angels and Demons. It was a huge success at the time it got out, obvioulsly propelled by The Da Vinci Code and exposed in every corner library. The truth is: I’m one of those childish girls who have no curiosity in bestselling books besides those who are no longer in words-of-mouth (or that were never there). Do you find funny to hear all sort of small-talk about the book you are reading? All of a sudden you may realize they’ve told you what was going to happen in the end of the 34th chapter! Ellen is leaving Portia for Arnold Schawarzennegger?! Gawd! I would not just throw the book to the garbage as also, I guarantee you, press charges to the publisher for confusing romance with terror literature.

Back to the main point. The reason I started writing this post was solely to inform/remind/ask you to pay attention to its soundtrack. It’s complexly gorgeous, I can tell you. It is perfectly interconnected with the scenes, which makes it even more likable. Try to listen carefully if you get the chance to see the movie again.

That’s all. Guess I’ll have to work in my summarization skills, sorry.


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futebol é paixao disse...

Realmente trocar a nicole kidman por deus é insanidade. Na vi o filme mas quando vir vou prestar atençao a isso!